Welcome to Norman’s Corner

by Norman the Cat

 Well, here we are.  I’m living at the El Refugio shelter in Costa Ballena, Costa Rica writing about my fellow cats, and you are sitting at home reading about cats.  Here’s to us and our demise.  No, seriously, here’s to us and our nine lives! I’m still on my first (life that is) so I have plenty of time to share with you some very valuable information about the amazing, unforgettable cats of the feline world. And you, my lucky reader, are in for some yummy catnip.  You will be mesmerized and captivated by every blog post written by me, your one and only top hat shelter cat (okay, you got me, there are lots of us shelter cats).  I will share with you information on all things felines, most importantly, why you should have a 4 legged fur ball in your family.  If I get adopted (I mean, WHEN I get adopted), no worries my human friend, I have other fellow shelter furry friends that I am training to step right into my paws.  Also in every blog post, I will have a Paws Spotlight where I will introduce a Feline Favorite of the day (or dare I say it, dog) to my readers. 

So, find a sunny spot to stretch out, curl up with your favorite feline friend, and read my very first blog – “Why YOU Should Own a Cat”  



Rosario is waiting for you at El Refugio, Costa Ballena, Costa Rica.
“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” – Leonardo da Vinci

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