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Just call me Professor Norman!

In my last blog post I ended the post with some tantalizing catnip about how us cats can teach your children important life skills.

Class is now in session! Take out your notepad and your favorite writing paw (I mean pen), and let’s get started with “Life Lessons According to ME.”

Besides the many health benefits from having cats in your family (fewer allergies and less stress and anxiety I’ll cover just a few of the other many benefits for your children when adopting a cat:

  • Responsibility. Sharing some of the daily tasks associated with us cats can teach your child responsibility. Daily tasks such as FEEDING (my top priority), litter box cleaning (someone’s gotta do it and I can’t), and brushing our coat (especially if its a hairless catlol!) teach a child responsibility.
  • Empathy. A cat can teach your child about empathy. By your child simply petting a cat, listening to our purrs, noticing the positive reactions when stroking our ears, or rubbing our belly, these simple gestures can all teach your child how to respect and tune in to another being’s needs.
  • Love and Companionship. Cats will shower your child with unconditional love. With this overflowing cat love, your child will learn to also love others unconditionally, while also giving your child companionship (especially if he is an only child). Cats will help children combat loneliness.
  • Save a life!!! Adopting a cat, especially from an animal shelter, can teach your child the amazing awesomeness of saving a life. Now, that my beautiful humans, is a life lesson that keeps on giving.

So, my sweet mamas and papas out there, let me lighten your workload just a little, by adopting one of us cats. We will help teach your children some amazing life lessons, did I say FREE OF CHARGE!



“A balanced diet is having chocolate in both hands. Garfield”

Don’t forget to spay & neuter your cats & dogs.  There can be too much of a good thing!  There’s only so much catnip to go around. 

Cats and wildlife live longer when cats stay indoors. 


Jorge at El Refugio Costa Ballena, Costa Rica


SURFING FOR YOU! Hi, my name is JORGE.  I am a young adult male. I was found at the beach and brought to El Refugio. I get along with other cats. But, I am past the kitten stage, so less playing with kittens and more spoiling my human.  Can I spoil you??  I am waiting for you at El Refugio. xo Jorge


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