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Why “M” stands for Tabby, and also for Marvelous, Magnificent, Mesmerizing, Magical, you know where I am going with this…

Did you know that the Tabby Cat is not actually a cat breed but a coat pattern? Well, of course I knew this, BUT, I beg to differ on the point that we aren’t a specific breed. Especially when it comes to the orange tabby cat – ME. Saying we aren’t a cat breed somehow downplays the importance of us Tabbies and the role we play in the feline kingdom. Therefore, I say Tabby is a breed – not just a coat pattern.

While there are many different colors and types of Tabby cats, let’s first discuss the most intelligent Tabby cat – the Orange Tabby (of course!)- ME. You will have to wait for a future blog post where I will spotlight the other types of less desirable Tabby cats (I’m kidding of course!).

Interesting Fact #1: Did you know every orange cat is a tabby, but not every tabby is an orange cat. Very interesting indeed!

Interesting Fact #2: Almost every tabby has distinctive markings above their eyes – the M. Look at ME – see the M above my eyes?

I know, I know, I am a handsome devil aren’t I. Oh, and did I mention the M stands for Marvelous, Magnificent, Mesmerizing, Magical….

Interesting Fact #3: There are many historical suggestions as to where the M above my head comes from, some suggest Mohammed, Mary, Mau, or just plain old Genes. Wow – Me-OW!

Interesting Fact #4: There are more male orange tabby cats than female – approximately 4 to 1. Interestingly, there are 4 of us male tabby cats at El Refugio now and 1 female tabby cat. Very interesting!

Interesting Fact #5: You might find this next fact hard to believe – Orange tabbies tend to talk a lot! I truly think all of this online research is on to something!!

Orange Tabbies at El Refugio Animal Shelter
Check out this short video on how NOT to take a picture of 5 Orange Tabby Cats
Taking Pictures with 5 Taby Cats – Oh My!

Now, go adopt yourself an Orange Tabby Cat. You will be marveled, magnified, mesmerized, and magically full of life and love from one of us PURRfectly beautiful cats. Until we meet again dear humans.



In my head, the sky is blue, the grass is green and cats are orange.” – Jim Davis (Creator of Garfield)

Don’t forget to spay & neuter your cats & dogs.  There can be too much of a good thing!  There’s only so much catnip to go around. 

Cats and wildlife live longer when cats stay indoors. 


Alicia at El Refugio Costa Ballena, Costa Rica

Nurturing Old Soul

Hi, I’m Alicia.  I am a young adult female. I am a very UNIQUE Tabby because I am orange and I am female. I am the color of sunshine with a heart full of love. I am waiting for you. xo Alicia


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