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I am Proud to be called an Indoor Cat!

I am an Indoor cat. I am not ashamed. I am Proud to be called an Indoor Cat.

Us Cats do get a bad rap when it comes to outdoor living. We have a strong, natural prey instinct, that yes, includes prey! Prey really is anything that wiggles, or scurries, or flies. Did you know, loose cats are estimated to kill hundreds of millions of birds each year!

What are the benefits of being an OUTDOOR Cat? Well, the biggest benefit is probably that your feline will be more trim because he is often the one being HUNTED! Depending on where the cat calls home, there could be fox, coyotes, snakes, alligators, and even the neighbor’s dog hunting your cat! Oh boy, if this isn’t enough to bring your cat indoors…I don’t know what is.

What are the benefits of being an INDOOR Cat? There are sooo many! But the best reason is…

YOU will have many many more years with your feline friend. An Outdoor cat will (if she is lucky) live just 2 yearswhile an indoor cat could live over 17 years! Now, that is a lot of kitty kisses, purr healing magic, and cat snuggles. Just think, I am almost 3 years old. If I lived outside, I would probably be on my 2nd, 3rd, or maybe my last life! I would not even have met my human family yet (big double meow sigh).

Do I miss outdoor living? Not at all, I haven’t been there (ha ha). But, like all cats, us Indoor Cats need exercise, mental stimulation, and ways to be a “cat”. So, we need things like scratching posts, toys, perches to rest on, and other cats to play with. Even a friendly family dog will do (sometimes)! Plus, of course, we need our humans to interact with us on a daily basis. If you are thinking of bringing home a new feline family member, and an indoor one – thank you!, here are some tips to get your home (and your family) ready.

If you still insist on having an Outdoor Cat, please consider the following:

  1. Keep your feline updated on all necessary vaccinations (you will need lots more for an outdoor cat)
  2. Bring your feline indoors at night (every night!), and most importantly – consider keeping your cat indoors all of the time (hey, can’t blame a cat for trying).
  3. Also, when you adopt a cat from a shelter (thank you!), and plan to have your cat be an outdoor cat (although, I would love you to reconsider), please keep your cat Indoors Only for the first 3 months! A cat needs this amount of time to learn where “home” is. Unfortunately, I have heard recent stories of adopted cats from shelters sometimes getting lost and not finding their way back to their new home or even running back to the shelter (where they called home), because they just weren’t ready to be outside yet. Please give your new cat time to feel comfortable in your home. Some cats just take a little longer than others.

So my Feline Friends – Stand Tall and Be Proud to be called an Indoor Cat.



Cats and wildlife live longer when cats stay indoors. 

Don’t forget to spay & neuter your cats & dogs.  There can be too much of a good thing!  There’s only so much catnip to go around. 


Cadbury at El Refugio Costa Ballena


Hi, my name is CADBURY. My siblings and I were found at a bus stop when we were tiny kittens. Thankfully an El Refugio volunteer saw us and brought us to the shelter. 

I am now a young male cat.  If you like sweets, I’m your cat!  With my purrs, my eye kisses, and my paw tickles, you will be the happiest human ever. I love getting petted on my back too! Let’s make chocolate together!  I am waiting for you at El Refugio. xoxo Cadbury