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The Feline Five…we have personalities too!

Do you ever wonder if us fantastic felines have personalities too? Well, as a matter of fur fact, we do! We have many different fascinating personalities, just like you!

One purrfectly awesome reason to adopt a kitty cat from El Refugio Costa Ballena animal shelter (although, there are many!!) is because the shelter is a house with 3 big open rooms where the cats roam, rest, and play freely. Because of this unique environment, the shelter volunteers are able to see each cat’s personalty in action! When you come to adopt your new feline family member, the shelter volunteers can help you find the purrfect feline for you!!

So, let me introduce you to the Feline Five personalities and some of the felines at El Refugio Costa Ballena that represent them.

Affectionate and Sociable, also called the “love mooch”. They just can’t seem to get enough of You and your attention. They love to be near their human. Mickey from El Refugio Costa Ballena is a love mooch.

Mickey at El Refugio

The Chatty Cat speaks in almost complete sentences (wow MEOW). If you love the sound of meows, this is the purrfect type of cat for you! But, rumor has it, if you talk to your cat, eventually your cat will talk back to you. Remember my recent blogs, “Whoever said Cats don’t Speak”, along with “How to talk Cat”? Please read up and soon you will be talking with your feline family member!

We’ve had quite a few “talkers” at El Refugio, like Keylor and Rocky (boy, could they talk!). And, yes, ME – I bet you are not surprised! But, Keylor, Rocky, and me have all been adopted (we are sooo happy!). Although Havy, a foxy feline at El Refugio, I’ve heard is becoming quite the “chatty cat” these days.

Havy is Heartsome!

The Movie Star is El Refugio’s Twix. He is full of sass and enjoys showing off. Give him a little attention, and he will give you a free show of fun and laughter.

Twix is a Movie Star

The Shy and Aloof Type – the Mysterious Stranger. Now, don’t let “shy” scare you away. This type of cat is great for the undemanding human who doesn’t want or expect ongoing attention from their feline. Often shy or aloof felines are independent and very sweet like Gody at El Refugio Costa Ballena.

Gody is Shy but very sweet

Lastly, we have the Leader of the Pack (although, I guess I should have started with this one – haha, I crack myself up sometimes…) With lots of spunk and independence, this type of cat loves her human, but isn’t a “lap cat”. She is fine with being near but not too close. She will give you attention, but often on her terms. In a multi-cat household, she is often the first one to the food dish and water bowl. Rica at El Refugio is definitely a “Leader of the Pack”.

Rica is sweet sass

So, there you have it – Personalities for every type. Each Feline Five personality is sure to bring you and your family a lifetime of love and gratitude.



“I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It’s not. Mine had me trained in two days.”

– Bill Dana

Don’t forget to spay & neuter your cats & dogs.  There can be too much of a good thing!  There’s only so much catnip to go around. 

Cats and wildlife live longer when cats stay indoors.