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I knew it would happen!!!

Well, I told you in my very first blog post that I would get adopted – and yes, I never lie – I was adopted!

Now, don’t worry, as I said before, I will still be visiting the shelter with my human eyes (I can’t believe I have my furever human now!); and I have my shelter furry friends who are reporting to me with every exciting purrtastic happening at the shelter.

My foxy human – ME-OW AND DOUBLE ME-OW WOW

Now, I’ll be writing at my very own desk, with my very own lazy cat chair and my very own cat sofa. I don’t even have to share the litter box anymore – thank the lord!! I have my very own scratching posts now too – did you hear me – THREE scratching posts. And my very own dogs – well, they aren’t trained yet, but we are working on it.

Sometimes the drawer is a better place to be creative
A great view of my human as she works and I take a catnap

Sometimes litter boxes are best for a head rest

Did you know, I was the oldest cat at the shelter – over 2 years old! I was abandoned as a kitten at a bus stop – can you believe it? Thankfully I was rescued by a wonderful El Refugio volunteer and brought to the El Refugio Shelter where I waited two years for my foxy human to come find me. Now, as I lay on my cat sofa while my human scratches my ear, I gaze out at the Costa Rica mountains and think to myself, what a Purrfect life it is.

Now humans, go adopt yourself a shelter cat. There is one waiting especially for you. Don’t make him wait as long as I had to wait – did you hear me say I waited two years!! By adopting a shelter cat, you will gain a furever friend and save a furry feline’s life too. What a PURRfect life it will be for you!

Stay tuned, in my next blog post we will rock the world in a tuxedo.



“What greater gift than the love of a cat. – Charles Dickens”

Don’t forget to spay & neuter your cats & dogs.  There can be too much of a good thing!  There’s only so much catnip to go around. 

Cats and wildlife live longer when cats stay indoors. 


Hunter at El Refugio Animal Shelter in Costa Ballena, Costa Rica

Hi, my name is Hunter. My shelter mates call me cool, and the shelter female felines call me James Bond. I’m one cool cat! I’m around 2 years old and want to finally be with my furever human. Let’s meet soon. Cheers, Hunter


2 thoughts on “I knew it would happen!!!

    • Hola sweet Papaya, my old friend Hunter, and foxy Havy. I miss you too but I do love my new place. Have you ever heard of a howler monkey? They wake my humans up very early in the morning, thankfully, they are not too close. And I thought you were a howler Hunter (lol)!!

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