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Everyone looks good in a Tuxedo!

Well, not every human, but CATS look GREAT in a Tuxedo! Stay with me here, you will be entertained with some very cool facts about who we call Tuxedo Cats! I have lots of fun facts to share with you about the 2nd most amazing cat breed (Orange Tabby cats of course are the 1st!).

Interesting Cat Fact. Tuxedo Cats are NOT a breed. Just like the Tabby Cats, their color pattern is the reason they are referred to as Tuxedo Cats. They are mostly black with a white chest, kind of like a Tuxedo (hence the name LOL). Meet Jorge. He lives at El Refugio too. He is a Tuxedo Cat with a mustache! Very distinguished indeed!

Kind of Interesting Cat Fact. There are an equal number of male and female Tuxedo Cats. No discrimination here, both males and females wear Tuxedos!

Very Interesting Cat Fact. They have TUXITUDE! While this fact might actually be a little bit more fiction than fact, many Tuxedo Cats are known for their sassy personalities. While many others are known to be more like a dog (I didn’t say it!), while following their humans around for love and affection. Meet Mickey from El Refugio.

I often see him following around the volunteers (he is such a flirt!) looking for affection and handing out kisses. We are all on to you Mickey!! Remember my post I’ll get you a date!, he really has pure Tuxitude magic!!

Scary Cat Fact? Green eyed monsters. Well, not really, I must admit they are more like angels. It is very common for Tuxedo Cats to have green eyes or greenish-gold eyes. You know what they say about a cat with green eyes don’t you? Really, do you? I have no idea!!

Sophisticated Cat Fact. For my distinguished readers, did you know that William Shakespeare, Beethoven, and Sir Isaac Newton kept Tuxedo Cats?

“This above all: To thine own self be true.” – Shakespeare -Hamlet.

Bragging Rights Cat Fact. Tuxedo Cats are famous. Remember Sylvester the Cat, and of course Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat, and Felix the Cat. Actors and authors – definitely a bragging rights bunch of cool Tuxedo Cats!!

Now with all of these amazing facts about Tuxedo Cats, you might be wondering if you are the kind of person that would be worthy of adopting a Tuxedo Cat. Well, the short answer is YES, and the longer answer is YES, OF COURSE!! Now, go to your nearest animal shelter and adopt one of these interesting, male or female, tuxitude, green-eyed, sophisticated, famous Tuxedo Cats! If you are in the Costa Ballena area of Costa Rica, stop by El Refugio. They currently have 5 Tuxedo cats waiting for you.

Until we meet again dear humans.



“I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny.” 

Dr. Seuss

Don’t forget to spay & neuter your cats & dogs.  There can be too much of a good thing!  There’s only so much catnip to go around. 

Cats and wildlife live longer when cats stay indoors. 



Hi, I’m ROLO.  I am a young male. I’m a Tuxedo cat with a bit of class and a lot of sass.  I’m ready to be your date for life.  I’ll be waiting at El Refugio. xo Rolo


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